Multi Pyramid In Columbian Green Jade-Love and Harmony

Multi Pyramid In Columbian Green Jade - Love and Harmony - 40 gms
Dimension: 1.4 (L) x 1.4 (B) x 1 (H) inches
Weight: 40 gms

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Multi Pyramid In Columbian Green Jade-Love and Harmony

Product Code GP94
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Product Description  

This perfectly crafted pyramid with nine grids at the bottom and polished finish is made in 100% natural Columbian green Jade gemstone. It energises the place where it is kept with fire energy through the base and promotes cleansing qualities of the gemstone. This is best placed is North-West corner of the dwelling or place of business. The multiple pyramid charges large area of its surrounding and also eliminates stagnated negative energy force of the surrounding and helps brings balance and harmony.

Green Jade benefits:
Promotes love, reliability and trust
Brings peace, protection and tranquility
Encourages compassion, wisdom and justice


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